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David Jameson is an elusive character just as his Great-Great Grandson Jesse Drew Jameson pictured to the left is and was.

Who was David Jameson of Twiggs Co. Georgia?

Some say his name was James David, other say it was David James and yet others believe it was just David. He may have been a Jemison, Jimmerson, Jamison or a Jameson.

Doing a search for David, James, or James David Jameson on Ancestry.com will make your head spin and your eyes bleed! A search n Ancestry is reminiscent of the Johnny Cash song 'I've been everywhere'. David Jameson has traveled every road in this here land! He has been everywhere, man...Virgina, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky....and who knows where else.

Family Trees with names like Jameson, Jemison, Jamison, Trice, Mizell, Mims, Brown, Baker, Kimbrough, Alston, Andrews and many, many others link themselves to David Jameson and yet we still have nothing more than vague evidence that he existed.

The Trice Family documents:

The most widely used family tree information is based on The Trice Family docuemts which leads back to the famous and well documented Jameson's of Essex, Virgina and their many David's, John's, James and other similarities. The Trice Family information that has been presented as the Jameson family history was allegedly taken from a family bible and the document has been notarized for authenticity, but to date no actual bible has been produced. The Trice Family information has a lot of good information, but it has issues as well most notable the Essex, Virgina connection. That is not to say David Jameson Twiggs Co. Georgia was not in Virgina at some point, but it is not likely he was a member of the Essex Jameson's.

The Trice family information is also were we find David Jameson b.1753, Mary Gates and their children. Mary Gates widely believed to have been born in 1781, though to my knowledge there are no records of her birth or her marriage to a David Jameson

If David and Mary's birthdays are to be believed and they were married, then their next to eldest David Jameson B.1793 was conceived when Mary Gates was a mere 11 years old! In addition to that their youngest son Seaborn was born 1818 and was conceived when David was 65 years old.

At this point one must question if the birth dates and the marriage of David Jameson b.1753 and Mary Gates, because if these dates are correct then it is extremely likely that the David Jameson b.1753 presented in the Trice documents had another wife prior to Mary Gates, and that David Jameson b.1793 is not the biological son of Mary Gates.

Scott Jameson and The Jameson Perspective:

The idea of David Jameson b.1753 having two wives, and that his son David b.1793 was not born of Mary Gates is substantiated in the Jameson Perspective research on John James Jameson of Bertie Co., North Carolina and Robert Jemison of Botetcourt County, Virgina. The Jameson Perspective research indicates that David Jameson b. 1753 had 6 unnamed children, 4 sons and 2 daughters between the dates of 1780 thru 1794 with another women prior to Mary Gates, and later had 7 children, 5 sons and 2 daughters with Mary Gates from 1808 thru 1818.

The Jameson Perspective information also brings into the mix the possibility that David Jameson B. 1753 had a son named David from his first marriage who married a Mary Gates.

Things that Trice missed:

Seaborn Jameson:

Seaborn Jameson b.1818 in Talbot Co,. Georgia is my G-G-Grandfather, and he was indeed the son of a David Jameson. It is documented that in 1836 Seaborn and his sister Elizabeth Jameson (who would later marry John Trice) were deemed orphans of David Jimmerson and were both put under the guardianship of their older brother James J. Jimmerson and William Mizzles husband of their older sister Mary. But there is no mention of their mother by any name and ths took place 11 years after their father David died in 1825.

The Jameson's as can be seen with the large number of David's and Robert's passed down names generation after generation. Seaborn is an odd name, it is not a Jameson name so where did it come from? It came from the Mim's family, and David Jameson b1793 was married to a Elizabeth Mims b.1799 and her brother was named Seaborn. Could David Jameson and Elizabeth Mims have been Seaborns parents? If their marriage date of 1827 is correct the answer is no.

Mary Gates:

Mary Gates was the daughter of Samuel Gates and Mary Rowland and alleged to have been born 1784 in Virgina. Those who wonder how Benjamin was thrown into the Jameson list of names it is most likely the Gates/Rowland union. Samuel Gates served in the Rev War in Virgina.

Mary Jameson:

Mary Jameson was born in Talbot Co., Georgia in 1810 or 1814 and was the eldest daughter of a David Jameson. In 1829, 4 years after the death of her father David, Mary Jameson age 15 or 19 married William Mizell age 40. Mary and William had 4 children, their names were David,, Robert A, Charles Seaborn and Mary Catherine.

Mary Catherine Mizell:

Mary Catherine Mizell daughter William Mizell and Mary Jameson adds a new perspective to the hunt for David Jameson. You see on October 10, 1866 in Talbot, Georgia, Mary Catherine was wed to a man by the name of George Alexander Jameson Jr. and this is where things get interesting....

The Jameson/Kimbrough Connection:

Mary Catherine Mizell married into another line of Jameson's, the question is who's line is it. Mary Catherine's husband George had a father who was also named George b. 1788, and George Sr. was married to a Nancy Nash, George Jameson Sr's. father was James Jameson Sr. b. 1754 and his mother was Christianna Lennington Kimbrough b. 1762. And some believe that James Jameson Sr b. 1754 is the brother of David Jameson b. 1753, and their father was Dr. John James Jameson and their mother was Martha Cook.

Of all the Jameson Family trees on Ancestry.com the Jameson/Kimbrough tree is by far the best out there and it is rich with documentation.

Whether James Jameson Sr. and David Jameson were brothers is to be debated, but in all likelihood they were at very least related, possibly cousins. This possibility is given credibility through the research of Mrs. Helen Johnson of Chamblee, GA and Scott Jameson's The Jameson Perspective which is available in the media section of this website.

Daughter of the Revolution

Around 1934 Elizabeth Mizell Akers, Great Granddaughter of Mary Jameson Mizell submitted applications to the DAR for GATES, SAMUEL (A043551), MIMS, DRURY (A080133) and JAMESON, JAMES (A061642). While the DAR website show supporting documentation on all three persons only Samuel Gates has supporting documentation available. On the long form Jameson, James is listed as Jameson, James David Birth: 1-6-1754 Virgina and his wife is listed as Mary Gates


Back in the day of David Jameson much of family history was passed down through word of mouth generation to generation. To some degree this may have been due to the conditions that existed in Georgia at the time, Georgia was a war zone. The Creek Indian war and the War of 1812 were all in this time, David Jameson b.1793 is credited as being an Army surgeon during the War of 1812. Mary Gates mother and father both died in 1814 in Georgia and James Jameson b. 1754 died in 1815 the causes are unknown but it could have been a result of the wars. To add to the confusion, when parents died it was common practice of the time that the children were adopted into families in the community and those children took on the surnames of the host family, and it was not until about 1820 that Georgia documented these adoptions.

In my own case my search began with a call from my daughter about an envelope she found that had written on it 'Personal Effects of James Drane Jameson'. I told her I thought it was her G-G-Grandfsther Jameson who was a traveling evangelist. The reason I knew that was because I recalled my Aunt Nellie mentioning she thought her Grandmothers name was Sarah and her Grandfather name was James, and I recalled my father Charles saying he was buried in Magnolia, Arkansas. That very same evening I signed up on Ancestry.com to see what I could find on James Drane Jameson and Sarah and I came up with ZILCH!

My search did not take off until I began searching for two people my Grandpa Jesse told me 'tales' about, a Grandfather Conner who was a Captain in the Confederate Army who killed 500 Yankees in a single minute with just a sword and a rich Uncle Charlie Bynum who was a banker in Monroe, LA. I also knew my father Charles Melvin Bynum Jameson was named after Uncle Charlie. Captain Thomas Nathan Conner had a daughter named Sarah Ida, she married a man named James Drane Jameson. TN Conner had another Mary Isabella who married a Charles E Bynum in a wedding officiated by Rev. JD Jameson.

My search stagnated until my daughter called again telling me she found a piece of paper that had on it a list of people and dates hand written in ink. And she asked who is Seaborn Jameson? And with that, our Jameson family tree starts and stops with Seaborn because it is the last piece of tangible evidence we have and anything beyond that piece of paper listing Seaborn, his wife and children is at this point mere speculation.

The solution:

I am absolutely certain that somebody somewhere holds the key piece of evidence that can finally disclose who David Jameson was and answer all the question that revolve around him. It could be a photo, a document or a scrap piece of paper. It could even be through modern technology like DNA and the Y-DNA Test.

A single Y-DNA test from FtDNA from anyone of Seaborn Jameson's 10+ 'LIVING' male descendants would prove once and for all if the Trice Documents lead back to Essex, Virgina or not.

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